Social Insect Lab members

Lab Photo: Alaina Michaels, Shannon McWaters, Dr. Anna Dornhaus, Chinmay Joshi, Dr. Kenny Chapin, Bottom: Greg Chism, Stefan Popp

Dr Anna Dornhaus department webpage CV

Dr Kenneth James Chapin website

Greg Chism

Stefan Popp YouTube

Chinmay Joshi

Shannon McWaters

Alaina Michaels

Past lab members or collaborating graduate students and postdocs

Dr David Kikuchi (left 2019) now fellow at Naturkundemuseum Berlin: his webpage

Dr Evan Kelemen (left 2019) now postdoc at York University Toronto: his webpage

Dr Nicholas DiRienzo (left 2019) now Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona webpage

Dr Nicole Leitner (left 2018) now a postdoc at Washington University St Louisher webpage

MSc Kea Skeate (left 2017)

Dr Daniel Charbonneau (left 2017) now a postdoc at Arizona State University: his webpage

Dr Tim Polnaszek (left 2017) now faculty at MacMurray College Belmont Abbey College

Dr Sarah Bengston (left 2015) now faculty at City University of New York Baruch College: lab webpage

Dr Gavin Leighton (left 2015) now faculty at SUNY Buffalo State: lab webpage

Dr Svjetlana Vojvodic (left 2014) now faculty at Rowan University: lab webpage

Dr Felicity Muth (left 2013) now faculty at the University of Texas at Austin: lab webpage

Dr Matina Donaldson-Matasci (left 2013) now faculty at Harvey Mudd College: lab blog

Dr Aimee Dunlap (left 2012) now faculty at University of Missouri St Louis: lab webpage

Dr Scott Powell (left 2012) now faculty at now faculty at the George Washington Universitylab webpage

Dr Rainee Kaczorowski (left 2011) now Biology Outreach Coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh

Dr Jenny Jandt (left 2010) now faculty at University of Otago: lab webpage

Dr Margaret Couvillon (left 2009) now faculty at Virginia Tech: lab webpage

Dr Amelie Schmolke (left 2007) now project scientist at Waterborne Environmental

Collaborators and lab associates:

Dr Jessie Barker (left Bronstein Lab 2015) now associate research advisor at the British Behavioral Insights Team

Dr Ipak Kulahci (graduated Papaj Lab) now postdoc at University College Cork: her webpage

Dr Annie Leonard (left Papaj Lab 2010) now faculty at University of Nevada: lab webpage

Dr Emily Jones (graduated from Bronstein Lab 2009) now associate editor at Nature Communications

Dr Ming Hua Huang (graduated from Wheeler Lab) now a research scientist at Eurofins Agroscience Services, Inc

Dr Michele Lanan (graduated from Bronstein Lab 2010) now Research Scientist at the Southwestern Research Station, Portal, Arizona webpage

Dr Ginny Fitzpatrick (graduated from Bronstein Lab 2014) now freelance writer in California

Dr Nhi Cao (graduated from Davidowitz Lab 2014) now adjunct faculty instructor at Central Piedmont Community College

Dr Tuan Cao (graduated from Gronenberg Lab 2012) now lecturer at UNCC

Dr Jo-Anne Holley (graduated from Suarez Lab) now professor of practice at University of Texas