ECOL496H/596H: Complex systems and networks

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In this course we will compare social networks of humans and animals with gene networks, food webs, robot groups, and other systems composed of multiple interacting units. How do such decentralized, self-organized groups function? What are similarities and differences? Can researchers of one system learn from the insights of other fields? We will also talk about some hands-on methods for analyzing such systems.

You will get a brief overview on using R (a statistics/analysis software that is freely available) and how this can be used to perform network analyses, and of NetLogo (a free individual-based simulation software) and how this can be used to study complex systems.


Guest lectures from experts in different areas will give a broad perspective.

Mondays and Wednesdays 3-3:50pm, Modern Languages Building 301.

The main webpage for this class will be on d2l, and should be accessible from a week before the semester starts. All readings will be provided there.

For the syllabus and a *draft* schedule, including guest lectures and assignment due dates, see below.