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We strive to make our new results accessible to a general audience. 

Public media reports about our work

Materials for use in schools and for teaching kids

Our lab is typically represented both at the Arizona Insect Festival and Science City at the Festival of Books, and you can meet members of the lab there to ask us questions about our research directly. 


How to get more information:

If you are a journalist or are writing for any kind of publication about our work, please email Anna at - please note that if you need an urgent response, it is useful to specify the deadline in the subject header. We love it if you send us a link to your publication with the relevant article/podcast/etc. 

If you are a teacher in Tucson and would like us to come to your school for a presentation on insects or science or even get help to do a SARSEF group project on insects, also email Anna at We can't promise a specific time will work but we are generally willing & able to do this. We can also give a lab tour if you can come to the UA campus. We also highly recommend the Insect Discovery program or the SkySchool program (both which will also organize classroom visits) and the Arizona Insect Festival

If you are a parent looking for activities or science education for your kids, check out the Arizona Insect Festival or Science City at the Festival of Books (both festivals provide hands-on science fun for young and old kids, and our lab is typically represented at both). There is also a summer camp in the UAFusion series that is insect-focused, and our lab may give a presentation or even a lab tour there. You could also direct your child's teacher to the links above.

If you are a high-school student and you are thinking of a career in science, check out the KEYS program which offers internships at the UA, including in our lab. We regret that we cannot take minors for internships outside the KEYS or similar programs.

If you are a UA student interested in research, check out this page.


Topics about which we have expertise:

Insect behavior and cognition

Collective behavior and complex systems

Rigor in science and the scientific method